Why a New Shelter Now?

Why a New Shelter Now?

ANIMAL PROTECTION SOCIETY of FRIDAY HARBOR is a private nonprofit 501(c)(3), no-kill animal shelter serving San Juan Island. We opened in 1982 and since have provided dogs, cats and an occasional ‘other’ pet safehaven. In addition to providing a loving temporary home, we promote humane education and we combat pet overpopulation with an island based low-cost spay/neuter program.

Our work receives little to no financial support from the county; we depend entirely on the generosity of our donors.

Time and island growth have rendered our current shelter inadequate to safely accommodate the ever increasing number of animals. As a result, future demands may not be met. The most critical issues impacting our abilities include the following points:

  • Our lease with the Port of Friday Harbor expired in 2017.
  • Critical isolation, quarantine, treatment and recovery areas for ill, injured and expecting animals are severely limited. The probability of contagion remains high for the general population of healthy animals.
  • Additional costs and time loss are incurred when special medical procedures require off-site veterinarian office visits.
  • Dogs and cats reside in adjoining quarters. Stress levels are high for both species due to the lack of adequate separation.
  • Our small reception/ lobby area also serves as an animal intake area, animal visitations and pickup, a make-shift veterinary office, conference, board and staff meetings, kitchen and puppy and kitten housing.
  • We are unable to provide adequate quarters for dogs brought in by the sheriff’s department that may require quarantine from the public.
  • In case of emergency, our facility’s size severely limits the number of animals that may be admitted and given care.
  • Current facility lacks in energy efficient building materials and systems driving utility costs extremely high.


We can’t do this alone – will you please help?