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Named for my amazing abilities with paper balls, a fearless outlook and extra digits I can’t thank everyone enough.

A big Thank you to everyone who helped get me to the shelter and ultimately the farm. Once a wild(ish) kitten living in a camp of unaltered felines I now start my day atop a generously donated by Bob and Lissa Mcdowell down filled oversized pillow with a soft crocheted cover.  I have a bite to eat then out for a day of exploration of the hedgerow and training for Teatro Zinzanni in the apple and plum trees.  Around noon I head in for another quick bite and nap with my best friend Kalvin, who also happens to be an APS-FH rescue Happily Home story.  He actually had it much worse than I did growing up.  He was starved, abused and neglected.  At least I can say I was brought in to the shelter before I even left my Momma’s side.  Happily, her owners saw the light and agreed to have her altered, there will be no more kittens running amuck… just happy kittens living the life!

Thank you, family and friends, of the APS-FH, aka Animal Protection Society of Friday Harbor.  You have saved my life and the lives of many others including three of my favorite roommates – Kalvin, Wheezie, and Etta.  All with amazing Happily Home stories.  I implore you to adopt a Happy Story of your own to share!

Please note, the little bell – that was trying to keep me from sneaking up on my sisters… they really don’t like SURPRISE IT’S ME around the house.  It’s better now that we all go outside and play.  They are showing me around and I am even allowed to go outside by myself now.  And… I LOVE AMAZON – they send the most amazing playthings!