Wish List

Wish List

What’s needed around the shelter?


Can you imagine how much cleaning must be done for in a home with visitors seven days a week, 25 cats (12 cat boxes), four dogs (each with their own bed, indoor and outdoor runs), an occasional guinea pig, parakeet or pet rabbit?

To accomplish this, we start bright and early each morning at 8am before our visitors (that’s you). That’s when our mission flips over to the jobs that visitors see: walking and training dogs, treating and socializing cats,and the general office duties you would find necessary to run any first class pet hotel.

If you would like to help with any chores, just give us a call or if you prefer you could bring something from the list to help us with our chores. Thanks!


Things we can always use more of….

• Clorox Bleach, its the easiest on hands
• Simple Green
• Paper Towels
• Liquid Laundry Soap (fragrance free)
• Liquid Dishwasher (Cascade) Detergent
• Trash Bags, 13 gallon with handles
• Hand Sanitizer
• Febreeze, or other non-aerosol odor spray (aerosol will cause respiratory infections in our felines) • Non Latex Gloves
• Tissue in a box, Kleenex
• String Mop, Mop Heads
• Small / Medium washable rugs

For the Dogs –

• We love Kirkland brand adult, but not senior canine food
• We also love canned food of any flavor
• Dog TREATS for training
• Small warm blankets for our beds are always a good item
• TOYS !!! We have a lot of rope toys, so anything fun especially those little toys that sQUeaK. Those are our favorites.

cutecatFor The Cats –

• We cats prefer Kirkland Brand or Purina One Chicken & Rice for adult felines. We do have a lot of seniors so we welcome senior feline food as well as adult.
• As for goodies that come in a can, also known as wet food we love them all.
• Treats also are on our favorites list. Though you will not get us to do much training with the bits.
• Clumping kitty litter. We use clay type but are exploring a greener approach. If you have a suggestion, please give us a call to discuss your ideas.