animal shelter foster pet programAPS-FH & SJICF WORK TOGETHER TO HELP FOSTER PETS

Are you aware of the growing number of senior & special needs pets that have come to live at the Friday Harbor Animal Shelter in the past few years? We have taken in over several dozen pets in the last 12 months that for one reason or another cannot be cared for by their owners. Many of these pets are on medications or in need of minor ongoing veterinary care, and unfortunately are hard to adopt out. But these animals are happy, loving creatures who still have plenty to give and can be gentle, attentive companions for someone looking for an new pet. In our quest to help these animals find new, loving homes, APS offers a foster program to families willing to take in these pets and give them the care and love they deserve, many of whom are in their twilight years. When we find the right home for these animals, the shelter offers to pay for any ongoing medical expenses while the pet is in foster care. With the number of foster pets growing, we have found the need to fundraise for the extra medical expenses. Our goal is to raise $5,000 to help cover the anticipated 2013 foster care medical bills.


The S J Island Community Foundation has generously offered to help APS in its fundraising efforts for this project by offering our organization to participate in the Matching Grant Partnership Program.


The Community Foundation will match 50% of your donation, up to $1,000 total to help complete this project! Contributions must be made payable to the San Juan Island Community Foundation and be received by the close of the Fair, August 17, 2013.