May 20, 2015

The Animal Protection Society of Friday Harbor has stepped up to help cats rescued last month from a hoarding situation in a rural eastern Washington home. In all, 71 cats were taken from the home by animal care workers with Pasado’s Safe Haven, of Sultan, Washington. Four of those cats have made their way to the Friday Harbor Animal animal shelter, and are being treated for upper respiratory infections and serious eye infections brought about by extremely high ammonia levels in the home. Two of the cats now at APS-FH, will each need to have an eye removed due to the extreme damage done by the untreated infections.

Those who rescued the cats from the home April 20, had to don full Hazmat gear and respirators in order to save the 71 adult juvenile cats found living in filth in a small Eastern Washington home, surrounded by their own feces, swarms of flies and layers of garbage. “The conditions were just horrific,” said Laura Henderson, with Pasado’s Save Haven.

“These cats will make wonderful companions and will be available for adoption very soon.” said Stephanie Zamora, an employee of the shelter here.