SissyMeet Sissy! A gorgeous feline looking for a forever home. Sissy has a few guidelines she would like her adopters to follow: Must have a variety of toys, comfy bed, plenty of food, a nice window seat, room to strut around, and finally, adherence to a “lookie but no touchie” policy. You see, much like her sister, Nissy(also available for adoption)…Sissy is an independent sort of gal. She is a self entertainer when given the right tools, and would do best in a home that will be okay with her being just who she is. Sissy can offer a lifetime of entertainment, eye candy, and company! Even though she is shy, she is very much still interactive and loves to play, play, play. She is a cat to the core that deserves a cat-loving home. And who knows? Maybe that she’ll allow that “special person” a few pets…someday.