Spock-KirkHi, we’re Spock & Kirk! You may already know who we are, but also, given our occupation, you may have yet to see us well enough to recognize us. This is because we are Professional Hide and Seek Athletes!

Whether it’s squeezing behind furniture or slinking into narrow spaces, we can do it all. Our versatile skills of contortion are some of the best in the game, and allow us to twist and tuck away just so! Another hiding tool of ours is our silky, black fur which allows us to achieve an extra level of stealth by disappearing into the darkness.

Although most people assume that professional hiders such as ourselves will take to hiding in all areas of their lives, we are not like that! Although we’ll be the first to say we love a good hiding spot, we also love receiving pets and individual attention from humans like yourself. Although we can’t wait to explore the nooks and crannies in our next home, we assure you we also can’t wait to cuddle up with our new loved ones!

We’re looking for a home with people who appreciate our skillset, but will also help to ensure our safety and comfort when we decide to hide! It’s important to us that our profession remains fun, and that we aren’t stuck hiding due to fear, but instead just for the love of the game! Are you someone who self-identifies as a seeker and a lover? Then you’re the perfect person for us! Come find us at @apsfridayharbor soon!