Age: ~5 months 
Sex: Female
Breed: White Shepherd Mix
Origin: Eastern Washington 
Weight:  30lbs
Personality: Brave, Eager, Endearing
Energy Level:  Puppy Level w/ a Side of Chill
Likes: Bodies of Water, Adventuring Together, Cookouts
Dislikes:  Sibling Rivalries, Loneliness, Fireworks

Hi, I’m Tilly, and I’m new in town! I arrived at APS-FH just in time for the new year, along with a van full of other dogs and cats like me, who are looking for their chance at a happy life, in a home all our own. These life saving transports give animals like me a chance to be moved out of an area where shelters are overrun with those in need, and into a new area where we may have better luck at getting adopted. At just 5 months of age, I have already endured a lot of hardships, but I’m hopeful that the islands will be where I find, and get to live out, my happily ever after.

My rescue story personally began when I was found dumped on the side of the road with my littermates. It was such a scary time back then for me and my siblings, and I just remember feeling so much loneliness, fear, and even quite a lot of pain. Turns out that the pain wasn’t coming just from my heartbreak, but from the broken femur I had while out there abandoned. I thank my lucky stars every day that someone found us out there, took us in, and got us the proper medical attention we needed; for me that included having surgery to fix my leg, which I’m so happy to share is healed and feeling brand new, bionic plates and all! 

In the time since we were found, my siblings have all been adopted out, while I took the time I needed to heal post surgery. Now, I’m healed, much happier, and setting all my sights on finding a family to call mine. Could you be them? If so, I’d love to meet you and show you all the loveable sides of me, Tilly!