Age: ~5 months old
Sex: Female
Breed: Terrier/Chihuahua Mix
Origin: Central Washington
Weight: ~7.5lbs
Personality:  Curious, Energetic, The Type Who Can Hold Their Own
Energy Level: Peppy, as any pup should be!
Likes: Cross-Organizational Collaboration, Pinecones, Taste Tests
Dislikes:  Bug Spray, Overeating, Speed Bumps

Hiya! I’m Winnie, and as you can see by my photo here just because I’m small doesn’t mean I’m afraid to get into the action. After a few quick seconds of scene assessment, I’m good at going with my gut, leading with fun, and jumping into the moment! The way I see it, life is pretty fun, so why wait? Speaking of waiting, I’m hoping it’s something I won’t have to do a lot more of when it comes to a future adoption day. 

I arrived in Friday Harbor by way of private plane, can you even believe it? It’s true! Although most transported dogs & cats arrive to APS-FH by way of ferry, I was a pup who was lucky enough to fly private, therefore benefiting from the shorter travel day. Although transports are often a scary, stressful time for animals, and I’ll be honest my heart-was-a-thumping, I managed to enjoy myself by focusing on the view, and the fact that it’d be over soon. Thanks to our rockstar volunteer pilot named Roger we arrived safely to the Port of Friday Harbor Marina & Airport where APS-FH Staff were ready to take us the rest of the way to their shelter. It’s there we’d wait until our future families found us. I arrived here that day with 4 adult cats, 3 Aussie mix puppies, 2 senior dachshunds, and my 2 brothers. Since arriving  my brothers Teddy & Benny have already been adopted, and though I miss them at times, I’m mostly happy as heck for them. Now I’m ready for that happiness to find me too! 

Who will make space for a goofy, speedy, brave-hearted, ball of love like me to zoom into their lives and change it for the better? If you think this could be you, then don’t wait another minute before filling out APS-FH’s Canine Application and asking for me, Winnie! Could this week, my Pet of the Week, be the one where it finally happens? Where Winnie gets the Win?! Fingers crossed!