Age:  ~8 years old
Sex: Female & Male
Breed: Dachshund
Origin: Central Washington
Weight: ~14lbs
Personality: Attentive, Family-Oriented, Welcoming
Energy Level: Regularly on the move, always ready for a chat, and yet also can easily convert to coming in close for cuddles & quiet time.
Likes: Brisk Walks, The Smells of Springtime, TV Dinners
Dislikes: Being Called “Weiner Dogs”, Hair Dye (We like  to show our grays off proudly!), Moments of Uncertainty

Hi, we’re Amber & Charlie! We were originally surrendered to Okandogs Rescue after our person passed away, then transported to APS-FH, where we arrived at the end of April. We’re already coming up on one month of being here in Friday Harbor, and we  wonder how much longer it will be before we figure out what our next chapter holds for us.

When you find yourself in the overcrowded shelter system like we have, you find yourself having to consider all kinds of options you hoped you’d never have to. Which is why we may eventually have to open our minds up to being adopted out separately. But for now, we’re keeping our hopes high that we find a new home, with a new person(s) who will make space in their lives for the both of us. The hardest part of growing old is the reality  that not everyone gets to grow old with you. Although we’re hopeful we still have many years to live, we’re mourning the loss of our previous person while also having to figure out our next move. This is already intimidating and scary enough without the thought of having to do it without the other by our side. Brothers and sisters should stick together, at least that’s what we think, and we hope someone will feel the same, and give us one less heart-wrenching goodbye to have to go through. 

So as not to scare people off with too much sadness, we want to end our feature by highlighting the parts of us that we think make us the perfect pets to adopt: our low-to-the-ground, small size make us the kind of doggos who are easy to pack up and take with you, no matter the reason; our personalities are easy to get along with meaning just about anyone can find themselves having a grand ol’ time when they’re with us; our adorableness only changes, never diminishes, as we get older — from irresistible pocket sized pups, to our grays adding character and cuteness to our faces, to all the stages in between; we each have so much love to give, but getting us both as a package deal just means double the love, which can never be a bad thing!