TansyIf you’re looking for a unique cat, then Tansy just might be your gal! Originally from Tacoma, Tansy was brought into the humane society to be fixed and released back to her cat colony, however she was not deemed suitable for release because of her limited eyesight. Even though she looks a bit “two-faced,” she’s really pretty straightforward when it comes to what kind of home she is looking for: for starters, she knows she wants a relatively quiet household without too many surprises. She would also like to find a home with a genuinely nice, patient person that is looking to work with her on building her trust in humans. Tansy has expressed that she WANTS to like people, and is indeed quite the chatterbox once she’s comfortable, but she hasn’t gotten to the “belly tickling, biscuit-making, back skritching” level of handling… However, what Tansy lacks in handling skills, she makes up for with playfulness and zest!