Hoot, meow, hoot, hooooo?! Don’t look so surprised. Haven’t you ever seen an OwlCat? Well, we hadn’t either, not until Shakira flew into the shelter late one evening and graced us with her rare presence! This marvelous hybrid is a sight to behold and will likely have you bowing down to her in submission as she sits perfectly perched from her favorite fluffy throne. Once thought to be a wild and mythical creature, Shakira has allowed us to learn more about what it takes to care for this rare breed…and it really isn’t as much as you might think. She loves her regular meals, freshly laundered bedding, massage therapy, live classical music, a trickling waterfall, organic catnip, mint-condition stuffed mice, dim lighting, and a nightly bedtime story. If you do all these things, then the mysterious OwlCat will be satisfied, and you will both live long, happy lives.