LibbyWhat’s not to love about our Lady Libby? From her lopsided ears and her smiling crooked face, to her sideways body launches and Buckin’ Bronco-roos; She is sure to secure a place in anyone’s heart whom she graces with her affection. Since arriving from Mexico, Libby continues to surprise us with her growth, quirky ways and newly discovered interests. She is currently working on her “Leave it” and Recall skills, as well as socialization with men. Previously thought as a “No-Men”dog, we have learned that with outside introductions, Libby is more comfortable getting to know and interacting with the fellas. Some of Libby’s hobbies are playing with the Flirt Pole, “Supermans” into the Ocean, exploring the shores, splashing in the shallow waters, scavenger hunts in the woods, squeakers, belly rubs and playing with the younger pups. Libby is somewhat of a Nanny Dog here at the shelter and helps gently show the puppies how to play respectfully with older dogs. She greets her favorite people with dancing, bowing, flopping belly up and soft fuzzy kisses. Once Libby accepts you into her pack, she wants nothing more than to be by your side, soak in your love and love you unconditionally in return. She is a gift that takes just a little extra time, but with that time comes a lifetime of entertainment, laughter, joy, happiness and soft fuzzy kisses.