Volunteer of the Month November Melisa PinnowThe Animal Protection Society – Friday Harbor is happy to announce Melisa Pinnow as the APS-FH Volunteer of the Month for November 2021. Melisa is known on San Juan Island as a local cat expert and consultant, she also volunteers her time as an APS-FH kitten foster parent. Fostering underage kittens is a vital aspect in the development of kittens as they often need round the clock care. Melisa helps bottle feed neonates, socialize “scaredy” kittens, and has even helped a semi-feral momma cat raise her litter. Melisa is such a dedicated foster mom, she even built a separate bungalow just for her kittens which she calls a “snuggery”.

So far this year, Melisa has helped raise three different litters of kittens. If you had the pleasure of adopting one of the many kittens that Melisa has fostered, then you can attest to what a great job she does. Fostering is important in so many ways to animal rescue work and having dedicated foster parents, like Melisa make a positive impact on the lives of shelter animals everywhere. Thanks so much, Melisa, your dedication and hard work are deeply appreciated!