An APS-FH photography exhibit is currently being featured at the Community Theatre’s Gallery, in the lobby area. The show highlights some of the many dogs and cats, puppies and kittens who were compassionately sheltered and cared for at APS-FH and then adopted into loving homes.

That’s our own Diana O’Brian behind the camera. Diana’s photography and videography talents and her keen eye and natural abilities have helped to capture the hundreds of beautiful eyes, adorable faces, and heartwarming adoptions that have taken place at the shelter over the years. We think this exhibit really highlights her work and the many personalities of her subjects. 

We hope you will see, as we do, how wonderful each of these animals are. Their incredible ability to forgive the hardships they have experienced and to open their hearts to love again is remarkable. We stay in touch with our adopters and get to hear about the many ways they touch the lives of the people who take them home. It is often a mutual rescue.

We would especially like to thank Lori Stokes for her support with this project. The exhibit is located in the Community Theatre lobby. The exhibit is free and open for viewing from 11:00 – 2:00, Tuesday through Friday. The exhibit runs through the end of July.