SableSable is not just your everyday dog; she’s kind of like your “girl next door” type, but in the body of an athletic supermodel – a complete package! This ‘Sporty Spice’ may be slender, but she packs some power in those extra-long legs and tail. You might want to recruit her for your neighborhood basketball team with hops like hers, or maybe ask her to join you in your next marathon with her endurance.

Sable would be happy to play all day outside, watch the sunset, hit up a beach bonfire, then head home to wind down on the couch with a bone. She might sleep in a little late, but she’s always down to brunch with the girls and hit the frisbee golf course after. Sable is a smart, young lady who is eager to be top of the class. A little praise goes a long way with this natural people pleasing gal! If you’re ready to hit the track (or the trails), looking for companionship, and like to have a bit of arm candy on your side, then come on down to the shelter and rescue Sable. She’s ready to go!