FalineI’ve heard what some people say— they say I look “a little rough around the edges”, but I really like the way I look and the scars that I have! I wear them with pride because they are reminders of all the life I have lived despite being only five.

Prior to coming here, I lived out in the wilderness and streets of Moses Lake, WA. Those times were not always easy, but they defined me. Whether it was the absolute joy of being outside in nature, having to survive on my own, motherhood, or getting sick — these experiences are ones I reflect back on warmly. My life has been adventurous thus far and although I’m still looking to keep things interesting, I’m now wanting to slow down somewhere I can call home, with a person(s) I can call my own. I want to find someone who will let me love them hard, but will also appreciate and adore my quirks because they are a part of my story..a part of me! My person(s) must love the way my left eye leers to the side, how my coat doesn’t ever lay “just so”, and the fact that I am FIV+ and FeLV+. They must value these things in me, because I DO. Could you be, would you be my safe space? If so, I’d love to meet you.