Moxie & TillyHiii, we’re Moxie and Tilly and we’ve been besties ever since meeting a few years ago in a coffee shop we both frequented. We formed a fast friendship and bonded over our shared appreciation for a good cuddle — us chihuahuas are known for it after all! Soon we were spending all our coffee shop hours together as we teamed up to create and launch our youtube series and blog, “Cuddle Culture” — the success of which has led us to be the Wellness Influencers that we are today! We aim to educate all to the therapeutic and health benefits to cuddling. We also discuss the culture, recent science, current trends, and how-to’s of a good cuddle.

Although we don’t plan on slowing down on social media, we are at a point in our lives where we’re ready to find our forever family! As besties and business partners, we are determined to find a family that will take us both. Although we love cuddling we require gentleness and for this reason are hoping for a kid-free home.