The APS-FH 14th annual Spay-ghetti Dinner was held on National Spay Day, February 27th, at the Mullis Senior and Community Center, marking a night filled with good food, great company, and a shared passion for animal welfare. As doors opened at 5:30 PM, guests were welcomed with a unique touch—a choice of eight cat-type stickers to wear, symbolizing the cause at the heart of the evening.

“The warmth and creativity at the entrance set a wonderful tone for the evening. Wearing the cat stickers felt like a badge of honor for a cause close to our hearts,” said an attendee, reflecting the community’s engagement right from the start.

After a delightful dinner catered by The Secret Kitchen, featuring both traditional and thoughtful vegan and gluten free spaghetti options, the floor was given to Executive Director Cristin Felso and Program Manager Beth Anderson. Their presentation wasn’t just informative—it was a call to action, made memorable through an interactive activity that demonstrated the speed with which pet over-population can stem from just one unfixed cat (or dog) and the enormous impact that spaying/neutering our pets can make. 

“Participating in this eye-opening activity was a powerful way to visualize the impact of spaying and neutering, it left a lasting impression,” commented a participant, highlighting the effectiveness of the educational approach.

Spay-ghetti 2024 Press Release

Behind every successful event are the individuals who pour their hearts and souls into its realization. APS-FH extended heartfelt thanks to all volunteers and sponsors, whose dedication made the evening possible. Special mentions included Yoshi O’Connor for event coordination and Alicia and Jonathan McVey for their graphic design talents.

 “It was a spectacular event! Everything was organized to perfection, from the delicious food to the impactful presentation,” praised a guest, echoing the sentiments of many involved in the event’s planning and execution.

The evening was a celebration of community and collective effort towards a cause that affects many lives. “We had such a good time! I especially enjoyed how the presentation saturated us with understanding that spay/neuter-proactive is not only necessary but compassionate and kind. Also appreciate your focus on bringing in the community at large without fundraising. The payoff will be just as valuable.” remarked a volunteer, praising the event’s ability to educate and engage.

 The 2024 Spay-ghetti Dinner may have ended, but its message and impact continue to resonate within the community. “With your support, we can continue to expand our efforts, provide humane solutions to pet homelessness, and end euthanasia of adoptable pets,” concluded Executive Director Cristin Felso, and Program Manager Beth Anderson, inspiring attendees to carry forward the mission beyond the event.

As one attendee aptly put it, “Mission accomplished!”—a sentiment that captures the essence of the evening and the ongoing commitment of the APS-FH and its supporters.

Thank you to our Event Sponsors!
John & Leslie Byron, Tom & Barbara Cable, Steven & Beverly Carleton, Peg Gerlock & Phil Johnson, Glen & Sonia Margolis, Andy & Susan Mazzarella, Linda Pollard, Martha Salot, and Roger & Claudia Salquist.