RobinHi there, my name is Robin. As a female, I am vast and I have many sides, but most pressing right now is the title of young, new, mom. Although there are many things that a new mom must decide, one of highest importance is choosing a name for her child; so, when I found myself bearing my first litter, I just knew I had to get it right in picking their names! I started to think of my own name, Robin. I have always been so grateful to have it as it was given to me in honor of a beloved family member. Additionally, I always liked the association with the bird of the same name; a quintessential North American species known for being an early-bird. Before long it occurred to me to use birds as name inspiration for my babies and although it was so difficult to choose from all the avian options, I soon settled on their names. Below are those names and why I chose them for my pups:

Jay – blue jays are birds known for their intelligence and tight family bonds

Raven – a bird that is a representative of Baltimore, a place I’ve always loved.

Starling – I’ve always been a sucker for William Shakespeare and in the 19th century these birds arrived in North America thanks to the help of Shakespeare enthusiasts.

Wren – pacific wrens are known for their larger-than-life, complex, and oh so beautiful songs.

Birds of a feather, me and my little ones flock together. My puppies will grow quickly (I am told by all mothers that it will go by in a blink) and before long they’ll be off on their own, with their new families while I too find my next adventure. But no matter where we go, our connection will forever be in heart and name. Where will we “fly” to next? Is it into your home and hearts? We hope so!