StassieHi there, I’m really happy to meet you! My name is Stassie and I was brought into the shelter as a stray. There’s a lot of things about myself that I can’t wait to tell you, but for the purpose of this quick introduction I’ll pick just one; then you can come meet me and hear more of my stories!

So, like I said I had been living outside and came into the shelter as a stray cat. Being out there is a lot of things (both good and bad), but mostly it’s pretty quiet, especially on an island like ours. The kind of quiet that gives an imagination like mine plenty of time to ponder who and what I could be in this life, or any of my next eight lives! One of my favorite lives that I’ve imagined for myself is being a regular on the Cat Show circuit. I fantasize about a crowd of “cat-people” all coming to admire me and judges giving me top scores! They notice how bright my eyes are; they appreciate the way the stripes on my fur are different than just any ol’ brown tabby; they see features in my face that remind them of wild big cats; they think I wear my white socks well. I’m not sure I’d be up to the prestigious Cat Franciers’ Association (CFA) Cat Show standards, but I know that I’d still feel like “Best In Show”. Whether it’s real or fantasy, I’m the kind of cat who tells herself she’s trophy-worthy and believes it too!