JayPeople have called me “Tiny Tim”, “a little bat”, “Yoda-look-alike” and all of those are cute and all, but you can just call me Jay! I’m the smolest of the small puppy litter currently available for adoption at APS-FH. Our mom, Robin, was a previous Pet of the Week and mentioned us in her feature write up; since then, Starling has been adopted, and the rest of us can’t wait for the same!

So far since being on San Juan Island, mom and us kids have been with a foster family, we currently have our shelter family, and soon (*paws crossed*) our forever family will come walking through the shelter’s front door! You can see this door from our puppy room, and sometimes I watch it and imagine the person(s) who will come through it one day to adopt me! I daydream and come up with storylines for all the fictional adopters in my mind. It’s fun to let my imagination run away with itself, but the only thing that really matters to me is that I go home with someone who is ready to love me as much as I can love them. I may be just a tiny guy, but I have so much love to give! Do you think I could be your forever family? If so, please fill out an application soon!