Toni Bailey

The Animal Protection Society – Friday Harbor is pleased to announce Toni Bailey as the APS-FH Volunteer of the Month for March 2023!

Toni recently termed off the APS-FH Board of Directors after serving six years but continues to volunteer at Treasure Hounds where she has given her time and talents throughout her time on the Board. Toni and her husband Bob also adopted Moose from APS-FH, a big, bouncy, mixed-breed rescue who scored his forever home with the Baileys.

Toni is a special breed of her own – a wonderful mix of dedication, determination, and heart. She advocates strongly for maintaining the “upscale” brand of Treasure Hounds; the level of quality that we pride our store in having. Toni does this by volunteering two days a week while the store is closed to prepare new donated items to be put out for sale.

Toni puts great care into everything she does – taking merchandise home to launder and scrub, repair and refinish, and carefully research so that everything in the store looks fresh and “new” and raises as much as possible for the animal shelter’s operations.

Toni also keeps an eye on the ins and outs of the store watching for and reporting needed repairs and dwindling supplies. She is there to coordinate donations when they come in and help position them on the sales floor. Toni handles so many details in the store, it’s impossible to list them all. “It’s for the animals”, she says. And Toni puts her time and heart behind her words.

If that isn’t enough, Toni also handles our King’s Market receipt donations. She collects, smooths out (often crumpled) receipts, enters the sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of receipt totals onto an Excel spreadsheet, and delivers the packet to King’s Market Headquarters.

If you don’t know, Valmark/King’s Market donates 1% of total sales receipts from King’s Market and King’s Marine that are given/donated to nonprofits around SJI. A wonderful program that raises almost $4,000 a year for APS-FH!

Toni, thank you for your years of dedication and all the things you passionately do to generate support and funding for APS-FH.