Hi there, I’m Stuart. You can call me that, Stu, or Stewie! You may be able to tell by the gray hairs on my muzzle that I am no longer a young pup. I’m in my senior years now; 12 years old to be exact. Same as my sister, Willow. I never thought we’d end up homeless at this age, but here we are. It turned out that me and Willow’s person was a senior too, and when we had to say goodbye to them last year, my sister and I’s lives changed in a big way.

Willow and I came to the shelter, and to the San Juan Islands last summer (by way of a Texas shelter). All things considered, it’s been pretty good here. They take great care of us, and we love everyone on the APS-FH team. However, Willow and I are getting up there in age, and it can sometimes be hard on an old man’s heart (like mine) to sit here and wait for our new people. Where are they and why haven’t they found us yet? We’ve been out of a home, and a family, of our own for ~7 months. I try to keep my spirits up, and to be optimistic that it will all work out, but honestly, I’ve been feeling kinda down in the dumps lately. We’re always happy for those dogs who are adopted and get to leave before us, but sometimes the doubtful voice inside of me wonders, “why haven’t we gone yet?”, and “what’s so wrong with us?”.

The APS-FH team is good, but unfortunately so far their usual methods haven’t yet resulted in an adoption for Willow and I, so I’m taking some action into my own hands, and asking y’all for a favor:

Will you please help an old guy out and share me and Willow’s story? Share it with your friends, your family, your neighbors, your social media following, etc.! Share it far and wide!

Everyone around here keeps telling Willow and I that “our people are out there”, and I truly want to believe that. Will you help me prove that it’s true? We found our person once before; can we do it again? 🤞💕