Lady Madonna

Hello, I’m Lady Madonna, and I like to be addressed by my full name, thank you very much. Not “Lady”, not “Madonna”, but I am Lady Madonna. Some people may think I’m being too particular, but I like the way my full name sounds; the way it often elicits thoughts of the Beatles music, or the stuff of royalty. I also like the way my name was given to me by the kind-hearted woman who took me in and cared for me; way back when I was just a scraggly, little stray, in need of some help. She took me in, cared for me, kept me well fed, and got me ready for this new stage of life that I find myself in: looking for my forever home!

Now that I’m at APS-FH and waiting to be adopted, I’ve had a lot of time to think about what exactly I want for my next chapter. Although I’m okay with an eventual name change (I’ll leave it up to my forever family), I’d like to find people who will still treat me like the leading lady I am! For me, that means things like allowing me to feel like the ruler of our home sometimes, creating comfy pillow/blanket thrones which I can laze around on whenever I desire, showering me with compliments, and last but not least, spoiling me rotten!

If you treat me like royalty, I’ll give you my lifetime of love in return! I’ll also have you know that I am a top-tier snuggler; the kind who shows their affection in the form of full body boops, lap sits, and I will happily accept non-stop petting.

Whether it’s a Lady, Queen, or Purrrfect Cat Companion that you’re looking for, look no further than me! Come by the shelter (Community Cat Room #2) and say hello!