Hi, I’m Alley! I’ve been at the shelter since April, and after a little over a month, I finally feel comfortable enough to come out of my shell, and show those around me my truest self. Before coming to APS-FH, I was living in a home with too many cats for one place. Living in that type of environment, with so many feline personalities, made being true to myself a little tough. It was easier to be quiet, and reclusive, than to accidentally cause a “scene” with any of my cat roommates; not that I’m someone who causes trouble, but personalities are bound to clash with so many of us living together. Then one day, someone came and took some of us out of there, and that’s how we found our way to the shelter; my two roommates here are Mac and Hans, and they too came from that same home. Mac is the most extroverted of us 3, and through his charisma and friendship, I now feel safe enough here to show everyone who the real Alley is!

Nowadays, I spend my time making and strengthening new friendships with my fellow cats, getting to play in the sunshine of our outdoor catio, finding my favorite nap spots in our room, and getting to meet (and receive pets from) the friendly humans who come to visit us. I’m hopeful that by showing these people the real me — the sometimes-shy, always-sweet, happy-to-tag-along, friendly gal that I am, that they’ll fall in love with me and take me home with them. Could you be the one(s) to love an “Alley-cat” like me? If so, come meet me (and the boys) in Community Cat Room #3 at APS-FH!