Oh hello, I’m Jerry. Don’t let my gray hairs, or the knowing look in my eye, fool you into thinking I’m an old man; on the contrary, I’m still just a pup! The reality is that my “old soul” look comes, not from age, but from already seeing such hardships in my first few months of life. When we were just babies, me and my two littermates were left on the side of a road in Mexico. We were so hungry, so lonely, and so very scared; by the time we got picked up, we were malnourished, and missing the socialization we as puppies desperately needed.

Going through so much at a young age is enough to make anyone’s hair gray prematurely, and after sitting back and hearing my story, you may wonder how I have any hope left at all. Well new friend, I’ll tell you! It’s because when things get really, really low for me, like they have been before, I just focus my mind on all the positives, and I look for the good people all around me, who are ready and willing to help. I try my very best to put the bad people out of my mind, and instead remember all those who helped me and my siblings find safety, security, and love again: I think of the kind soul who first found us on the side of the road and picked us up; the compassionate team at the Mexico shelter who helped us find our strength again; the fosters we had along the way who helped us get back on our feet; and now, the team at APS-FH who are always showering me with love, care, and hope for my future. When I’m feeling down, I think of all of these people, and I remind myself that I am worth fighting for, worth saving, and oh so worthy of love.

Now that I have made the journey from Mexico to the San Juan Islands, my biggest hope is that I will find another person(s) to add to my good people list; someone(s) who will adopt me! Now that I know kind people are out there, I hope I get lucky enough to be adopted by someone like that one day: a family and a home of my very own!