Huh? Who Me? Oh hi, I’m Bearna. It’s a pleasure to meet cha! You may be able to tell by looking at me, but I am a lady in her older years now. I don’t make much of a fuss over it, or let it get me bent out of shape. If you ask me, what matters isn’t the number, so much as it’s how you feel while you’re living it. For me personally: I have had a lot of fun, taken many adventures, gotten to figure out my true self, and I have let myself love the people around me. In my humble opinion, that makes for a feel-good life y’all.

As for continuing to write my life’s story, I’m currently in search of my next chapter, which I’m hoping will include a new home and family. I don’t exactly know where or with whom that will be, but I believe I’ll know it when I meet them! Could you be that? If you think so, come by the shelter’s Senior Suite, and say hello.

* I get weighed weekly by the staff here at APS-FH, which is just one of the tools they use to monitor my overall health. At this week’s weigh in, I came in at 5lbs and 14.5oz, which meant I was up in weight! I guess that means their delicious, 3x daily meals plus kibble is doing the trick. I know I’m loving it 😉