Hi, my name’s Bacchus. I’m one of the newest dogs to become available for adoption here at APS-FH, and now I’m excited to have been named their most recent Pet of the Week for June!

As you may be able to tell by my luxurious locks, I’m not exactly the “best-dressed” dog for this time of year. However, as a lifelong lover of a daring hairstyle, I’ve had to learn how to keep myself cool, safe, and having fun in the heat. With my Pet of the Week feature just days away from the start of summer, I wanted to use this space to share a few hot weather safety tips for you and your dog:

  • Exercise should be done early or late in the day when temperatures are lowest!
  • Check the temperature of the ground or surface your dog will be walking on. If it’s too hot to touch, then it’s hot for our paws!
  • NEVER leave your dog in your car!
  • Be sure to provide plenty of drinking water!
  • Water in the form of ice treats, and filled kiddie pools are a blast!
  • Find shady spots for rest and relaxation
  • Regular brushing helps circulation!

I hope these help you have a super safe and fun summer, no matter your hairstyle!