Age: ~2 years old   
Sex: Male
Breed: Domestic Short Hair, Brown Tabby
Origin: Eastern Washington
Weight: ~13lbs
Personality: Comedic, Tactful, Observer
Energy Level: Dependent on my comfort level
Likes: Gargoyles, Bird’s-eye Views, Tree Houses 
Dislikes: Staring Contests, Being in the Spotlight 

Oh hey, I’m Hans. It seems you’ve found me; whether it was via this Pet of the Week feature, or by using the step ladder in my room at the shelter, you’ve spotted me!  As you can see, when it comes to navigating the shelter space, I like to find a comfy spot up high, keep to myself, and watch the world go by below. 

“People watching” is so fun, isn’t it?! I certainly think so! Lucky for me, between all my fellow feline roommates, the staff/volunteers, and the public/potential adopters who have come through my room, I benefit from a steady stream of my very own “reality-tv-show” content playing out before my eyes. From my vantage point, over the last ~2.5 months, I have watched..

–  everyday mundane things like daily chores, morning routines, mealtimes, and the like.

–  the more spicy things like hissing matches, claiming turf, and cat-spats!

– super happy things like people delivering treats to us,  cats & people meeting one another for the first time, successful adoptions, and adoption days!

Speaking of which, I for one can not wait for the “episode” where I get adopted. We just need to find my person(s) first, or maybe like you all did, they’ll come finding me!