Age: ~9 years old 
Sex: Male 
Breed: Domestic Short Hair, Tuxedo, Declawed
Application: -application/
Origin: Anacortes, WA 
Weight: ~ 11lbs 
Personality: Chill, Cozy, Chipper 
Energy Level: Appreciator-of-Sleep, mixed with Youthful-Adult 
Likes: Things That Are Campy, Movie Snacks, Oversized Beds
Dislikes: Open Doors, Being Under Pressure, Chaos

Hi there, I’m Finlee! I’m an adult feline guy temporarily living in Friday Harbor, WA, where I’m actively looking for someone to adopt me. Although I’m flexible about where my next home is, I think I’m a shoe-in for a fast 

adoption, especially here in the San Juans. Are you wondering what makes me think that? Well my friend, look around you. They really love their orcas out here, and I don’t know if you noticed, but me and killer whales are both rocking the black and white pattern pretty hard. What can we say, we’re stylish that way! 

So anyways, I’m sitting here thinking, if these people love orcas so much, maybe they’ll stroll through APS-FH and meet a charming cat named Finlee (me!), and think “wow, that cat is giving me killer whale vibes, and he’s super nice. I think I want him in my life forever! I’m gonna adopt!” Besides, people have been falling head over heels for black and white animals for DECADES. Pandas? Killer whales? Penguins? Dalmations? ALL have won over hearts world wide! All I’m asking for is to win over the heart of one (a few) person(s) who will take me home with them, and love me. And I will love them. Forever, the end. 

PS. Unlike the killer whales, which are free roamers here in the Salish Sea, I’m a black and white animal that must stay indoors! That’s because I’m declawed; with no front claws, it’s not safe for me outside. So, I’ll keep to inside “hunting” of mouse-toys, and being in spaces where I can truly be safe being defenseless-in-the-claw-department.