Age: ~ 2 years old
Sex: Male
Breed: Huskimo
Origin: Umatilla Reservation in North East Oregon
Weight: 28 lbs
Personality: Happy, Hyper, Hospitable
Energy Level: That General Pep In Your Step That Comes With Youth
Likes: Cheese Puffs, Shady Spots, Trampolines
Dislikes: Hot Days, Loneliness, Global Warming

Hi all, it’s me Chip! You may have seen me in APS-FH’s recent new-dogs post on their social media channels, or if you’ve been into the shelter recently, you may have seen me as you’ve walked in through the front doors. While I’m not the Official Lobby Dog (that honor is currently Benna’s), I’m practically the next best thing! And that’s because my kennel has a window that faces into the lobby. Not all shelter dogs like a window-view, but since I’m “Chipper Chip” I most definitely do! It gives me the chance to: “sit in” on meetings that happen at the lobby tables; see community members coming and going for all sorts of reasons; greet staff and volunteers over, and over, and over again as they go about their busy days; and more! It’s how I will first see the person who will come to adopt me (one day). They’ll come in looking for a dog, and it’ll turn out that that dog is me! As a self-proclaimed “Chipper Guy”, I’m sometimes not sure my life could get much happier. But then, I daydream about meeting my person, and getting adopted, and I suspect that it must be a next-level, cloud-9, type of happiness! Oh boy, I hope me, and all of my shelter friends will get to experience this feeling someday soon! #cleartheshelters2023