Meet Teya! She has lived on the island on and off since she graduated highschool early in 2017. She has worked with animals basically her whole life. She started out going to work with her dad at the Sierra Safari Zoo in Reno when she was only 9 years old and continued for the next 5 years until her and her family had to move states. Since highschool she has worked at a number of doggy/animal daycares in Washington, California and Montana. She was an assistant manager at the multi-award winning kennel: Hyline Hotel in Bellingham as well as a professional dog trainer in LA. She also has traveled to help out and work for animal sanctuaries! Including the largest primate sanctuary in the US- Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary.

Teya now lives back on island with her English Mastiff Soup! She is starting up school to become a zoologist with an emphasis on animal behavior. With many years under her belt at such a young age and her happy go lucky attitude she makes a great member of the team and an even better animal caretaker!