Age: ~ 5 months old
Sex: Male
Breed: Blue Heeler
Origin: San Juan Island
Weight: ~24lbs
Personality: Playful, Comical, Endearing
Energy Level: Medium-High
Likes: Crunchy Fall Leaves, the Smell of the Ocean, Outside Activities
Dislikes: Alone Time, Super Windy Days

Hi my name’s Cato and I’m the newest kid in town. I’ve been at the shelter for a few weeks now, and already, the time here has been an exciting whirlwind! As a small puppy who is still figuring themselves out, there is a lot to take in and learn; but instead of letting that overwhelm me, I’m choosing to focus on all the great things I can gain from the other dogs and humans around me, and how that will help me grow into the very best dog I can be!

Currently at the shelter, I’m just one of the many available dogs for adoption, and at that, I’m the youngest. Which means, there are opportunities all around me to pick up life skills from other canines. Whether watching them from my kennel windows, or getting to meet them out in the play yards, I’ve been paying close attention to the ways they behave, play, and interact with one another. I’m picking up on things like: how to play nicely; how to share; how to communicate what I’m feeling to others and listen to what they’re communicating to me; where to find the good smells; and more! Aside from my fellow dogs, there is also so much to learn from the people who are all around. They’re all so nice, and very eager to help teach me things. So far they’ve been helping me with things like: waiting patiently to get dressed in my harness and leash for walks; exploring the outside world through walks, “sniff-aris”, and playtime; how to be a “good boy”; how to keep a clean kennel; and more!

One thing I came to the shelter already knowing how to do is to show love; my favorite thing ever is to shower people with kisses, and to cuddle up close to them! It’s my hope that with my natural affinity for loving people hard, paired with all that I am quickly learning here, someone(s) will come into the shelter and realize I’m the perfect pup they’ve been waiting for, and they will welcome me in as a part of their family!