Age: ~9 years old 
Sex: Male
Breed: Domestic Medium Hair
Origin: San Juan Islands
Weight: ~11 lbs
Personality: Careful, Lovey-Dovey, Genuine
Energy Level: Dependent on his surroundings, but pretty even keel
Likes: Pumpkin Patches, Poetry, Soup
Dislikes: Screaming, Classical Music, Large Groups

Hello…who’s there? Whoever you are, hi, my name is Whatcom! I may not be able to see you, but I sensed your arrival through your smell (don’t worry, it’s a good one), and the sounds your feet made as you approached. I may be blind, but all of my other senses are sharper because of it. 

My visual impairment, paired with my life lived mostly outdoors, meant I had to rely solely on my other senses to survive: from my hearing, to my whisker detection and touch, to my sixth sense and common sense combo, to my learned street smarts, I have become a well oiled machine when it comes to taking in my surroundings, learning from, and reacting appropriately to them. I have had to be smart in order to survive, and I am proud of all that I have overcome and achieved thus far in my 9 years of this life. That being said however, I am ready for a new change, and maybe, just maybe, that’s where you come in! 

For my next chapter, I am looking for a place to let my guard down; somewhere that once I get the lay of the land, my senses can be less heightened, because they know that I am safe. I am in search of a home indoors, where I am surrounded by a person or people who see and treat me as one of their most beloved family members. I may never be able to see them, but I will smell them and know deep down in my bones, that I am truly, irrevocably loved.