Age: ~3 years old 
Sex: Female
Breed: Hound mix
Origin: Louisiana 
Weight:  50.5 lbs 
Personality: Athletic, Chatty, Inquisitive 
Energy Level: The kind that enjoys daily physical exercise & mental stimulation 
Likes: “America’s Next Top Model” Marathons on TV, Brain-Teasers, Scented Candles
Dislikes: Stuffy Noses, Jokes About Women’s Sports, Forced Sharing

Hi, I’m Hula Hoop, or Hula for short! Although this isn’t my first time being at APS-FH, in the last ~2 years since my last stay here, I have grown a lot; not much in size, but more so in the kind of growth that comes with self discovery. This time around, as I search for a new adoption placement, I feel better suited to answer questions like: “what is the best home for me?”, “what makes me feel the safest?”, “what are my love languages?”, “what kind of people and animals do I like to surround myself with; who brings out the best version of Hula Hoop?”. 

In an effort to quickly summarize my answers to these in-depth questions here, what I’ll say is this: I’m looking for a family who will love all sides of me – the beauty, the brains, the boundaries, and all the love & affection I give once I trust someone; since I can have some anxieties around my things, I’m looking for a home where I’ll be able to have my very own bed, and section of the couch, to feel safe in; I have multiple love languages that I can’t wait to share with, and receive from, my new family, including playing games together, having long conversations, and showing affection through wiggly bodies and kisses; aside from finding my extra special person(s), I’m also open to a family with a dog, as long as we’re compatible. 

Although my time spent at APS-FH is always filled with fun play and lots of love with their staff and volunteers, all of us wholeheartedly agree, the shelter is not a home; therefore the ultimate goal for all of us animals is to have as short a stay in the shelter as possible. Could you help us  in our efforts to get me out of the shelter and into the perfect home, with the perfect family for me?