Age: ~ 11 years old    
Sex: Male
Breed: Domestic Short Hair, Tuxedo
Origin: Texas
Weight: ~ 12 lbs
Personality: Protector, Affectionate, Sensible 
Energy Level: I’m in my senior years now, but my siblings, and my own spunky spirit keeps me feeling young. 
Likes: Mentoring, Cadillacs, Sitting on Love Seats & Laps
Dislikes: Puzzles, Pistachio, Potpourri (kitty-safe, please)

Hi, the name’s Twitch! I’m the one with the specks of gray that appear in my beard and face fur these days. I point this feature out so that you can differentiate me from the other tuxedo cats.  If you come to the shelter to see me, you’ll see that I’m currently housed with my siblings who were also surrendered at the same time; they would be my younger sister, Little Girl, and or my little brother, Sammy. The three of us have always been close, and I take my responsibility as the oldest seriously. 

The role of big brother, and what exactly it entails has changed a few times over the years; when we were housed, and living with a human family back in Texas I didn’t have to carry so much responsibility on my shoulders; when we went through such life transitions as having to be surrendered, finding our way into the shelter, and enduring a long move, I’ve taken on the role of leading and comforting them through it all.

Now, as all three of us have grown accustomed to our routines here at APS-FH, we have had the time we needed as a family to settle in, and to discuss & decide on our plan for the future ahead. A lot of thought went into our decision, and although our dream would be for all of us to be adopted together, I’m so incredibly proud of Little Girl & Sammy who feel that they could stand on their own 8 paws and go to a home together, without me. They know I can survive as a solo cat, and they feel confident that all that I have taught them will help as they forge ahead, together. 

Overall, it’s a bittersweet decision, but we feel optimistic for our future, and hope our families will come find us, adopt us, and love us as much as we’ll love them! Could you be the families that my siblings and I are looking for? If so, come see us in APS-FH’s Cat Room #3.