Age: ~2 years old 
Sex: Male
Breed: Shepherd Mix
Origin: Oroville, WA 
Weight: ~70 lbs 
Personality: Goofy, Loving, Hopeful 
Energy Level: Medium
Likes: Manifestation Mood Boards, Giving Hugs, Jungle Gyms
Dislikes:  Bad Omens, Black Licorice, Balloons

Hi, I’m Lucky! It’s my name, and it’s how I hope they’ll be able to describe me when telling my story down the line. There are a lot of things that can affect adoption rates, but during a slow time such as this at the shelter, and with the reality that I still haven’t received any applications of interest, means I need all the help I can get, even the built in luck in my name. 

I arrived at APS-FH on San Juan Islands about a month ago, with three other dogs like me, who had waited over a year in an Oroville shelter with no adoption success. It can be hard to remain optimistic when sitting day in and day out, waiting in shelters for someone that never seems to arrive, but I’m choosing to see this move for what I know it can be: a new opportunity, a new chance, a new attempt to try my luck at happily ever after. Although hope dwindles at times, I hold on to the bright spots along the way; like in this instance, although I’m still waiting for my person(s) to come find & adopt me, one of the other three dogs I came to APS-FH with has since been adopted, and gotten to go home! Who’s to say that I couldn’t be the next dog to be so lucky?!

If someone you know is looking for a big ol’ loveable pup who will fill their days with so much silliness, happiness, and love, then please send them my way! Will you help me in this journey of mine, to make my name my reality (through adoption), and to make me the luckiest dog around?