Age: ~3 months old
Sex: 2 Males (Ghoul, Zombie), 2 Females (Batty, Skellie)
Breed: Domestic Short Hair, Black (some with minimal white marking)
Origin: San Juan Islands 
Weight: ~3.5 lbs
Personality: Bright, Boisterous, Bonded
Energy Level:  An energy level that is all over the place, and getting evened out; as is the case with most youngsters like us!
Likes: Witches, The Monster Mash, Cat Eye Makeup
Dislikes: Smashing Jack-O-Lanterns, Barriers, Missing Pets

Hi, we’re “The Spooky Litter”, but the only things “spooky” about us are our names (Ghoul, Zombie, Batty, Skellie), and that we’re still up for adoption in December! I mean, if we didn’t get adopted when it was “our season” (ie. Halloween, and Kitten Season), then what chance do we have now that it’s fast approaching winter? 

To give the four of us a better chance at finding enough homes for each of us this holiday season, we were recently moved from our kitten foster’s house, into the primary kitten room at the shelter. It’s our hopes that by us temporarily living here, we’ll “be seen” more easily, and more specifically, be seen by the right people; our very own people, that is!  

Now that we are introducing ourselves to more people, us four siblings are hard at work, trying to do all that we can to help in the search: we’re practicing bravery, and working our extroverted muscles as we come out to meet all those who come to visit; we’re always playfully rearranging the furniture in our room, so that any visitor feels right at home; we’re always willing to share our toys with any new friends, and we’ve got the good ones here in the kitten room!

So… what are you waiting for? Come down to the shelter to say hi!  Don’t let our names scare you!