Age: ~3 years old
Sex: Female
Breed: Pitbull Mix
Origin: Oroville, WA
Weight: 72 lbs
Personality:  Social Butterfly, Dreamer, Trend-Setter
Energy Level: A  Balance of Playfulness & Laid Back Vibes
Likes: Funky Colors, Fall Colors, Female-Fronted Bands
Dislikes: Tofu, Trigonometry, Twitter

Heya, I’m Daisy! In celebration of this thankful season, in hopes of me getting adopted in time for the wintery holidays ahead, and because I have your ears this week, I wanted to share with all of you a few things currently on my mind:

  • Although animal shelters are often dealing with overcrowding issues, did you know that the holiday season can actually be a time where shelters experience a decrease in adoptions, yet an increase in animals in need? I’ve personally already spent over a year living in shelters (APS-FH being the newest one to house me), and I am just one of the many animals looking for a home for the holidays. Although myself and the other animals are so grateful for the staff & volunteers at these places, who take excellent care of us, nothing can replace the feeling of being in a real-life home of our own.
  • Family has many different meanings, and over our lifetimes, we find ourselves a part of one, or many. I am thankful for the families I have found myself a part of thus far, and for the ones to come. I’m really hoping that my future (forever) family comes, and finds me here at the shelter soon!
  • It’s my sincere hope for all of us, and our loved ones,  to have a holiday season filled with many of our favorite festive things, fun traditions – both old & new, and no shortage of heartwarming moments!