Age: ~4 years    
Sex: Male 
Breed: Domestic Long Hair, Tabby
Origin: Eastern Washington 
Weight: ~11 lbs
Personality: Warmhearted, Street Smart, Cautiously Optimistic 
Energy Level: Varies with my mood, but really I’m still just a kid. 
Likes: Big Winter Coats, Black Sabbath (the band), T-Bone Steaks
Dislikes: Bed Head, Being Cornered, The Saying “Boys Don’t Cry”

Hey, the name’s Ozzy. Follow my soft, signature “mew-mews” to find me in Cat Room #2, and come introduce yourself!

People often describe me as a TomCat (previously), and “Short King”, and as you’ll see in person, those descriptions fit – big paws, stubby legs & tail, short stature, big tomcat cheeks, a thick coat, and lion’s mane. Armed with these features and my savviness I would have done just fine outside as a stray; could’ve even been a lifer out there, and been okay. But the thing that brought me off the streets, and into shelters was my big ol’ beating heart, and my deep down desire to spend my life being someone’s beloved pet cat. 

Now that I’m inside (and outside on my catio) at APS-FH, I spend my days waiting and hoping for the right person to walk through my door. Someone(s) who will meet me, and make my dreams come true by adopting me. In return, I’ll give you all of my love, top-tier biscuits made fresh whenever you want them, and my everlasting loyalty.