Age: ~1 year old 
Sex: Female
Breed: Lab Mix
Origin: Eastern Washington
Weight: ~60 lbs
Personality: Excitable, Goofy, Loving
Energy Level: Medium
Likes: Snow, Learning New Things, Delicious Treats
Dislikes:  Itchy Sweaters, Arguments, All Work & No Play

Hello, I’m Amelia, and I currently live at APS-FH while I wait in hopes that someone(s) will come adopt me, and take me home with them. You can tell by my big smile in my feature photo that I am a happy, welcoming girl, and I promise that’s not just for show! Getting to meet new people, make new friends, and show them my silly side, are some of my favorite things. The hardest part of taking my feature photo was keeping myself still; although I know how to sit and stay when instructed, my natural state is wiggly, and I’m known to show off those wiggles when I’m excited! Although I love being able to show off my wiggle-worm ways, and am looking for someone(s) who finds my moves endearing, I have been working really hard  to better myself and show my excitement off in appropriate ways, so I’m also hoping my person(s) will want to help me with my training. It will be so fun to include my person in all that I’ve been working on, and get to show them all the silly yet safe ways I know how to have fun! 

Although the island has been recently covered in snow (which I LOVE), I’m hoping to find a home that allows me to stay in this beautiful oasis, take hikes in all the parks, tiip my toes into the Pacific Ocean on regular beach walks, and even play in the snow whenever it comes! Could you be the person(s) I’m looking for, who will match my happy, excitable, and on-the-go puppy nature, while also giving and receiving all the love? I sure hope so!