Age:  ~6 months old    
Sex: 5 Females
Breed: Domestic Short Hair; Black, Siamese, and Tabby (Light Brown, Dark Brown, Gray)
Origin:  Olympia, WA
Weight: Varying by individual, but youngsters who are still growing 
Personality: Night Owls, Supportive, Timid At Times
Energy Level: Dependent on Our Scenario
Likes: Self Help Books, Women’s Rights, Yogurt
Dislikes:  Isolation, Litterbugs, Squeaky Shoes

Hi, we’re known around here as the Wild Cat Litter, and although we aren’t all blood related we consider ourselves a tight knit group of siblings because of how we all grew up together before coming to APS-FH. Together we have gone from living in an overcrowded home, to surviving multiple medical quarantines at the shelter, to now where we’re feeling better, coming out of our shells more, and learning to socialize with humans.

Our group’s moniker aside, individually we are Panther (black), Lynx (siamese), Puma (light brown tabby), Cheetah (dark brown tabby), and Ocelot (gray tabby with white). Although we have some similar physical attributes and personality traits of the wild cats we’re named after, we’re also trying to learn the ways of pet cats. How exciting and wonderful could a life alongside humans be? We still have a lot to figure out, think about, and get comfortable with. But just like we have up until this point, the five of us “Wild Cat” sisters are figuring it out together.

We’d love your help getting used to people. Come visit us in APS-FH’s Kitten Room, sit and talk quietly with us, and bring some of those yummy lickable treats! We hope to meet you soon.