Age: ~1 year old  
Sex: Male
Breed: Polish Tatra Sheepdog
Origin: San Juan Islands
Weight:  ~95 lbs
Personality: Gentle Giant, Lovey-Dovey, Protector
Energy Level:  Dependent on what’s happening around him. He’ll happily play hard, nap hard, and love hard!
Likes: Slumber Parties, Slurpees, Soul Music
Dislikes: Unwelcome Guests, Vague Relationship Statuses, Wishy-Washiness

Hello there, my name is Bohdan! Although you may not be able to tell by this “selfie” I chose for my Pet of the Week photo, at just one year old, I’m already a big boy. That’s because I’m a purebred Polish Tatra Sheepdog, who at full-size could reach ~130 lbs, and stand two feet tall; at my current age and weight ( ~95 lbs, I’m well on my way to reaching my breed’s full size potential. But don’t let my polar bear features scare you off, because in actuality I’m just a big baby who loves nothing more than the chance to cuddle close with kind-hearted humans. Although I feel fortunate for all the new, friendly people I have met since arriving at the shelter, my biggest wish this Valentine’s Season is to find the person(s) who will be all mine. Could you help me direct Cupid’s arrow to the perfect person for me? 

Aside from a top-tier cuddler, I’m looking for my next person(s) to be able to appreciate and safely manage my size with things like fences, and fear-free & fun training. My upbringing didn’t provide me with as much learning and socialization as I would have liked, so I’m hopeful that my future people will agree with me that these are important things to value in our lives, and we can work on them together moving forward! Speaking of learning, did you know that Polish Tatras are considered a Livestock Guardian Dog, and for that reason will spend a large chunk of their lives working? Well, I’m a pup who would be more than happy to fill in the shoes of my ancestors, if only my person would help me with on-the-job training. 

Whether my next chapter is filled with making a career for myself, or with an “early retirement”, I just hope it is filled to the brim with love. So, so much love! I promise to give you all that I have, I just hope you’ll return the favor and show me what this coveted adoption love is all about!