Age:  ~9 months old    
Sex: Male, Female
Breed: DSH Orange Tabby / DSH Tortie
Origin:  Kauai, HI
Weight: ~8lbs
Personality: Animated, Curious, Light-Hearted
Energy Level: Youngsters still in play mode, who also appreciate nap time
Likes: Island Life, Marching Bands, Wand Toys
Dislikes: Big Egos, Heights, Straight Lines

Hi, we’re Cameron & Chantilly, and we’re a brother & sister pair who are the newest “hallway cats”in the Cat Zone at APS-FH’s shelter. Although most of APS-FH’s intakes are from the San Juan’s and Washington state we came from another place — Hawaii! Kauai to be specific. Although there are many differences between Kauai and Friday Harbor, we’re born and raised islanders, and are excited to keep that going in this Washington archipelago. In our next, new chapter, we want to be adopted together, and we need a home that is safe for us specifically. 

We have Cerebellar Hypoplasia (C.H.) which is a disorder that causes jerky movements, tremors, and generally uncoordinated motion. We were born with C.H., but we’re not in any pain, and it doesn’t prevent us from living very normal, happy, and healthy lives. We’re not contagious, the disease won’t progress or change with time, and we have a normal life expectancy. Our C.H. was diagnosed as mild, and therefore we require very little extra in way of care; raised water/food bowls, litter boxes with higher sides, and carpets/rugs all help in big ways, but aren’t a necessity. For our safety, we do require an indoor only home. 

We don’t mind our C.H. one bit, and we’re looking for a family and home that makes us feel the same; who won’t mind the mess we sometimes leave behind due to our wobbling (ie. food spills, rearranged blankets & cat furniture), and who will love us unconditionally. Could you be the one(s) to love us 100%, wobbles and all? Come to our hallway and say hello!