Age: ~1 year old
Sex: Female
Breed: Cattle Dog & Black Lab Mix
Origin: San Juan Islands
Weight: ~50 lbs
Personality: Ball-of-Fun, Bouncy, Communicative
Energy Level: As you’d expect with my young age and guesstimated breeds 
Likes: Bringing People Together, Exercise, Music I Can Dance To
Dislikes: Allergies, Boredom, Clutter

Hi, Hi, Hi! It’s me, Ruby, or “Ruby-Two” as I’m lovingly referred to here at the shelter! The “two” is to differentiate me from another dog named Ruby (now “Ruby-One”) who arrived at APS-FH just before I did. Although I love my shelter name because of the other favorite nicknames it has since spawned like “Ruby Tuesdays” or “Ruby Tutti”, it’s a name I’m learning to have more confidence in.

Ruby-One came with three pups in tow, and what’s not to love about a rockstar momma and her adorable potato-shaped-pups? I myself am a major fan, but the only downside to sharing a name with a powerhouse momma is the self-doubt it sometimes brings up in me. Although I never feel like second fiddle around here by the caring staff and volunteers, my backstory of abandonment paired with my own insecurities can sometimes make it hard for me not to feel like all I’ll ever be is second best. Now that I’m “adoption ready” here at APS-FH, I hope I won’t have to wait too long before finding a person(s) who makes me feel chosen as their number one!

My shelter name, or future name aside, here’s what you should know about what makes me, ME. My ideal days are a balance of physical activity, finding purpose, and recuperating rest at home. Although I’m still just a young kid, I have the sneaking suspicion that play and fun will always be at the center of who I am. Although I can survive solo, I much prefer a life lived alongside the ones I love and who love me. 

Could you, or someone you know, be those people I could live my life alongside? If so, now you know where to find me, and who to ask for!