Age: ~3.5 years old
Sex: Female
Breed: Husky Shepherd
Origin: San Juan Islands
Weight: 68.5 lbs
Personality:  Chatterbox, High-Spirited, Sociable
Energy Level: Medium-High
Likes: Being Part of a Pack, A Good Skincare Routine, Hiking Trails
Dislikes:  Silent Movies, Solitude, Spooky Season

Hi there, I’m Tikanni! My name is of Native American origin and means “wolf”; as I’m a husky, and we’re often thought of as the wolves of the dog world, it naturally fits. Although I love my name and my breed’s lineage to wolves, I consider myself much more playful pup than wild animal. The only “wild” part that sometimes comes out of me is my prey drive, which is how I ended up at APS-FH 

I came here after struggling to make nice with my chicken neighbors, so for my own well being, it’s important to me to find a home with a person(s) who understands my prey drive, and is willing to help me keep those tendencies at bay, with things like fences, and activities to keep me mentally and physically stimulated. Chickens aside, after meeting me you’ll quickly see what everyone else sees, which is that I’m a super friendly and cheerful girl who can quickly make friends with just about any person or dog! 

In looking for my next person and home, it’s my biggest hope that these past incidents of mine do not define me, but instead I find comfort in a place where I can fully be myself and be safe to all those around me. I hope that I find a person(s) who shares my passion for adventuring, and that our dogs are filled with island exploration. Lastly, I hope to be loved as much as I know I can love, to be given comfort and stability, and to find a forever where I’m considered family. Could you be that person(s) or know them? Oh, I hope so! Any help in making my dream future a reality would be so greatly appreciated!