Age: 6 years old
Sex:  Female
Breed: Domestic Short Hair, Calico
Origin: San Juan Islands
Weight: ~16 lbs
Personality: Endearing, Trusting, Wise Beyond Her Years
Energy Level: Medium
Likes: My Calico Coat, Cozy Hiding Spots, Candy Corn
Dislikes: Ceiling Fans, Interruptions, Grief

Hey, my name is Indie, and I’m one of the newest cats to find their way through quarantine, and onto the adoption floor here at APS-FH. Now that I’m in Room 3, and have had time to get my bearings, I’m feeling more myself again, but if I’m being honest, those first few weeks of being here were difficult. 

That’s because I found myself here after my beloved person passed away, and although transitions are tough for anyone, my broken heart felt almost too much to bear. Although I still find myself mourning my person’s loss, I am finding peace in a place where, and around people & cats with whom, my person would visit. You see, long before I arrived here, my person would come regularly to the shelter, and volunteer his time as a cat socializer. It was his role to go through each room, comforting, getting to know, and playing with all the cats here waiting for adoption. Although I wish he could walk through Room 3, and come back to me, I have found myself calmed just at the thought. And I also find that thinking of him brings me the courage to come out for, and meet, the other staff/volunteers/people that come through our doors; I know that he would want me to be brave in this heartbreak, and he would want me to be happy again. 

So it is for him, and for my own happy ending, that I become braver each day, and am now committed to finding my next person(s). I’m looking for someone who will fill my days with as much love, fun, and safety as he once did for me. Although I’ll always miss my first person, I’m taking everything he taught me, and finding strength to look ahead, and remaining optimistic for brightness to return in my future. Could you be my new person(s)? The one to help me through this transition and fill my days with as much fullness as he once did? Oh, I sure hope so! Come find me in Room 3 for a chat.