Age: ~14 years old
Sex:  Male
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Origin: San Juan Islands
Weight: ~13 lbs
Personality: Artistic, Magnetic, Merry 
Energy Level: My energy is dependent on my mood and the venue, but mostly I’m still quite active at my age
Likes: Caviar, Having a Reason to Dress Up, Sunny Days
Dislikes: Body Shaming, Critics, Red-Eye Flights

In my prime they called me “Meeko the Model”, but you can just call me Meeko now. It’s been almost a decade since my heyday in the world of feline fashion, and although I’m happy with the life stage I’m currently at (more on that later), my modeling days will always be a part of my life that I look back fondly on.

My modeling career spanned five years in my youth, reached massive heights, and took me all over the world. I walked for the most renowned Haute couture (or as we called it, Haute Cat-ure) designers of our time, and was even a muse for some. I was known for my androgynous personal fashion style, my signature runway strut, and my unique features that became my trademarks: my ears which are shaped more like a bears, than a cats; my three gray freckles that form a perfect triangle shape on my pink nose; my piercing green eyes; my mix-matched white socks — two knee highs on my back legs, and two ankle cuts on my front.

Although my modeling days, and admittedly my youth, may be behind me, as you can see by my Pet of the Week photo, I still know how to strike a mean pose. And if you come visit me in Room 1, I’ll happily show you my signature struts! But, I bet you’re wondering what happened between my modeling glory days and now, to have landed me here at the shelter? Well, the truth is that although I thought I had already found my perfect life of retirement, things got a bit upended recently when my person had to move away suddenly, couldn’t take me with them, and had to surrender me here. Now, way past my years of fame, or my “prime time”, I’m scared that I won’t be able to sell myself in quite the same way; that no one will want an old man like me.

I’m looking for someone who will love me for the Meeko I am now. The me who wants to enjoy a life of eating delicious meals without worrying what it will do to my body, the me who lets my white hairs grow in and refuses to dye them, and the me who is constantly discovering that what matters most is not material, but is the magic that comes from a life lived alongside loved ones.