Pinkie Pet of the Week

Age: ~ 1 year old
Sex:  Female
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Origin: San Juan Islands 
Weight: ~ 7 lbs 
Personality: Intuitive, Mature For Her Age, Unique
Energy Level: Medium 
Likes: Bold Eye Makeup, Costume Parties, Horoscopes
Dislikes: Balloons, Hair Balls, Sticky Things

Hi, I’m Pinkie! I was named because of my perfectly pink nose, but now that it’s also my favorite color, my name fits me in multiple ways. You can find me in Community Cat Room #3 at APS-FH, where I’ve been staying as of late. I was living in a home with so much love, but too many cats to sustain, so I was brought here along with five others; one of which was my son, who I’m happy to report has already been successfully adopted!

Between becoming a young mother, living in my last home, and now sharing a room at the shelter while we wait to be adopted, I’ve never been solo. Although I find comfort in the closeness of those I love, I’m also starting to explore what it means to be me, without others around. Who am I, what do I enjoy, and how do I feel, when I’m alone? These are all questions I’m working on figuring out now. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be happy in a home with other fur-family members, but I also think I might quite like being the sole recipient of my next human’s attention & affection.

More than anything, whether I am one of one, or one of a few, I want to be adopted into a home with a person(s) that allows me the time, space, support, and freedom to become all that I am meant to. In return, I promise to fill your life with so much love, companionship, fun, and fulfillment!!